Saturday, December 25, 2010

Yay Christmas!

Who said little jew boys dont like christmas, cause this one sure does! It was nice, hung out with friends and got some goodies! I did get two sweet ass Kangols since my dog chewed up the one I got from france when she was a puppy. Also, everyone pooled together and got me a HUGE air compressor, 30gal, 5hp, and enough CFM to run any tool......YES! I love my friends and Chelsea!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Why I love Arizona winters.

Cause we can ride bitches! Tuesday we lucked out with a 64┬║ night. Worked out great and we had nine bikes out (coulda been 12 but some technical difficulties). Made it out to tops to catch a drink and and cause problems. Here are some crappy pics RIGHT HERE

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Just got my preliminary batch in today for you guys. No need to be pros with this. The disk and spacer bolts right on, space out for EBR's and tomos calipers just like my other kits. Since this installs onto one of the extra REAR wheels you have laying around you will need to with a grinder, lathe, hacksaw the threaded portion of the wheel that the freewheel spins onto. After that, just pound the bearing cup back in, set your bearings, center your wheel and add a caliper. Yay!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Big deal, I just want a shirt.

Its nice, weve been riding more (hah! winter actually brings us arizonans out to ride), and yes, I want a motordivision shirt!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stolen Magnum

Ugh, I guess it was bound to happen. Marks Magnum was stolen outside of one of our frequented pubs. Really lame since mark had just got it running perfect and we both had a lot of sweat equity in it. Pretty easy to pick out in AZ since there are only like five magnums here and I have probably owned or had my finger in all of them. Currently its tan, one red on silver snowflake, black simo, polini, bing, 2.75" gazells. If you are the guy who stole it and read my blog, watch out. Sigh....

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Im the worst blogger ever.

Seriously, its hard to get around to this sometimes. Im working more since the holidays are coming but still finding time for the ped stuff. Its starting to get cold but we are actually riding more as a gang, even have a whopping three new prospects rising in the tom cruiser ranks. Its nice to get new blood and new bikes flowing. Other than that im developing some new shite for the community, working on a requested adapter for dio blocks to hobbits so you wont have to mod the case, but hell, how do you guys stuff it in the subframe?!? Snowflake disks will be here soon as well as a new batch of 5 star disks. If you have other ideas im open to them as it seems the tomos intakes are on the horizon too. Here are some pics of the last ride, yay!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Just been doing stuff.

Well, whats been going on this week? New guy johl came by and worked on his sweet hobbit. Apparently he did not realize the arrow on the piston points down and toasted the original. Its running a DR kit, proma pipe, blue springs but he still has to dial it in. Marks almost done with his magnum and is putting the final touches on it while I type. Its Running a e50 with a metra 65, a reworked simo (by me of course) and a bing. So far a good runner. Me, well I happened upon a good deal for a polini powered maxi that was totally built to 90's spec and a UPS magnum, and yay, Ive owned all the magnums except that is in pieces though. Hey you, know anyone who wants 3 busted za50's? I got them cheap just for you!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Intakes! Thats why I havent been updating.

Sigh... a sigh of relief since Ive been slaving on this order for a friend. Lots of intakes. Look forward for some big ol 24's for your gila or malossi reed polini kit. What, you have a treats read kit and need an intake for a four petal setup? No prob. I even have some 19 intakes for you dudes rollin dirty on your athena sachs (Not for the novice though). Word. More disk, clutch rings etc. Whats new with you?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Easy Halogen Headlight

Yeah so Cody wanted to upgrade his headlight on the Pinto since it has the treats CDI. It was pretty simple to do actually, 10 minutes tops. We took the OG bulb holder out, trimmed off the back portion, filed a groove in the halogen bulb assembly itself so the retaining clip would work, wired it in, started it up and BRIGHT light action. He used a 9006 bulb, 85813 harness and a few electrical connectors. Take a look at the pics, it should make sense. Terry made an appearance and shot the shit as well. Yay.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sachs Uber Clutch

Ahh, it been a while since Ive been on here. IM starting work on a friends Sachs, he had a kid and has become too lazy to tinker. We had already installed an 80cc athen kit onto the bike as well as simo snail exhaust and a 21mm carb. We actually milled 2mm off the base of the cylinder since we found a HUGE squish clearance. Since this was an A engine we opted to do so since the D engine have a 2mm longer stroke (or rod?). Its a ripper, as in rips the clutch appart. Justin did manage to score one of these Uber clutches from germany any I have high hopes. One thing I doo like about it is that the big washer thingy had been milled down in the center to give more room for a lock washer. I will let you know how it works out.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Nothing really new, Baretta runs good, gonna try points to see if my CDI is faltering. STILL waiting on my parts from the water jet guy, and its hot. I like blockhead.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Fucking minarelli is pissing me off. No matter what I do I just cant get the right side of the cylinder to seal. Ive used all sorts of different gaskets, non hardening sealants and even RTV (bleh). Still.... Only thing I can figure is that the cylinder is interfering with the little raised section on the case. Soooo, im just going to pull the whole damn engine off tomorrow yank off the top end, remove the studs and just study it. I had no problem on the first kit sealing with the wimpy little paper gasket. Oh, another thing, the stupid aluminum head gaskets are only fucking good for one torque, I hope my copper ones are done soon.

Another note is this puch with 31 miles on it that I picked up. From what I can tell its true milage because how clean all of the hidden spots where. I just fixed up a few issues, got rid of the 1hp cylinder and sold it. Yay.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

baby bear, mama bear, papa bear.

Nuff said:


My moped wants to kill me....

Seriously, shes trying to kill me and herself. First I go tearing down the road and hit the brakes. Apparently the fluid window chipped and leaked out all the fluid. Managed to get home and quickly swap out the unit from the garelli so I could commute 12 miles to work.

Today is my day off so I have been chasing leaks. The intake isnt sealing like it did on the old cylinder, gasket after gasket. I also found the base gasket to be leaking so I started pulling off the cooling system. Lo and behold I find the source of my crazy vibrations that turned up. Fuuuuuuuuuck. Especially fuck since chelsea's new job requires me to commute on the peds and now I have no functioning peds. Fuck.

Good news is that the tubing for the new line of intakes is done.....Sigh.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Me need your input!

Yes, I do. I have to roll out some new products.

If I were to hypothetically make some intakes for the malossi 4-petal reed blocks, what way would I point them. Would I make a hard right or left? Would I just make a slight turn, just to clear a tire with a long filter. What size, 19, 22.5, or 24?

Maybe if i were to a similar thing with a hobbit, how should I do it?

Is there some sachs lovers in the hood with kits? Which way would you you point a 19mm intake.

What else do you think at least 10 people would want...hmmmm

Please post your input on this, whoever is the 10th poster will get a super awesome intake or something like that...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yesterday was productive, one armed men, tripeds, what more can you ask for.

Ah, I finally had a day off and got some ped stuff done! Yes!!! Started out with a guy I have named Triped Walt coming over for some help with his Pryer or Pryor moped, whatever. Just needed a quick carb clean, a proper plug, and some jetting. Interesting thing though, I have renamed the guy to One armed triped Walt! Turned out he only had one arm! He was a interesting guy and I got him going. By the way, riding a triped is fucking scary.

Also nate came by to button up his maxi, and for once is free of air leaks. We will see how long that lasts. Hmm, what else, stupid baretta is leaking at the base gasket. Damn that bike. The garelli is running awesome, that Malossi kit is dreamy, the heat prompted a down jet, running about 52mph. I need to throw Chelsea on it so I can hit 55!

I got some good news from Benji, you can go to, or look to the right hand side of this post.

Wrapped up the evening hanging out with Daniel and Mark, did some drinking, reckless riding, and some dart throwing. Ahh, I slept good afterwords.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Kinda slow here...

This is for you entertainment.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Ahhhh, just finished some intakes...

There seem to be enough demand so hopefully I will be making some intakes for the malossi reed blocks....for now, I just finished these for a friend.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Little bit here, a little there....

Finally got to tinker today. Daniel came over with his amf + polini kit + ev pipe and I helped him put it together. Nice simple install. He is still running a 14:12, eeek, but we managed to jet it out and finagled the carb slide to help it idle a little better. Hes ordering a 15 as we speak. Also, the garelli is up and going with the malossi kit, nice and smooth, finally idles and shit, di I mention its actually idling! The polini kit always wanted the smallest idle jet out there (32) and this one begged for a 50.... Finally got a choke on it, timed, steering stop installed and ready to put the tin back on. Im going to hold off on the new tank until chelsea gets more comfortable on it again. Shes topping out at around 50, not to bad but I hope for more in the future. Im going to want to tinker with the clutch more, when she gets hot it likes to grab at a lower rpm but I recall having the springs in it almost fully compressed to act right. I think im going to search out stiffer springs for it...somehow....Yay

Daniels Bike:

My big forehead dropping the needle: :


Thursday, May 13, 2010

I am so F-ING Happy! Garelli time!

Need I say more?!? Thank you so much Steve Pappas for the hook up on the most amazing garelli kit ever!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Clarification: sigh

Enough said. I love mopeds.

Heres a kitty to soften the mood:

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A productive day.

Hmm, normally moepd days are not productive, you know the two steps forward, three steps back. I made a couple intakes to go out...Sweet. Mark Bedson and Daniel came by to work on bikes. Put a 50cc kit on marks magnum as well as a pipe. Bolted right together and ran like a top. Went super smooth except for mark installing his piston upside down! Hah. Daniel need to put some puch EBRs on his AMF/Minarelli bike. Pretty easy, all I had to do was reposition the brake stop, bolt up and go. Never expected it to be that easy. Im happy, their happy, I have some extra loot in my pocket, Chelseas baking in the kitchen, hell, can it get better? I was too busy to take pics so here is one of my dog. Yay!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Shall I do it????

Yes, Angelo scored me a 50cc reed kit for Chelseas Garelli. Expensive but worth it?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A pouty day :(

Its a sad day...I sold the derbi to a guy name Tim. At least he's the brother to an old member. She will be missed, such a good bike.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Intake here, intake there, not much new

Yep, just churning out a few intakes here and there. I did just make this intake for a guy with a morini. Should be good. Makes me want to remake one for my minarelli out of the big stuff. Nothing too exciting. Let me know what you want. Oh, buy my derbi.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Derbi springs and intake things...

I was just curious and installed the red derbi springs into the TT clutch. Im kinda not sure how I feel yet. She sounds really rad and jerks on the launch but im not sure if its good. Dunno, I bet I would be rad with a kit though. A note, I believe these springs could be used in the minarelli and morini clutches. Made a few more intakes to be shipped out. I think I sent poor Conrad one thats pointed in the wrong direction, but I will clear it up...Mental note, dont pack boxes sleepy. The derbi is up for sale since I have bills to pay and she is the youngest in the herd. Let me know if you are interested in her. Sigh.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So, how do YOU want your intake?

Yes, I ask that to you metrakit, gila, and polini 4-petal owners. How would you like it? I had some extra flanges and material bent so I can help some fellow moped enthusiasts out! Flanges are water jetted out of 3/16" plate. Tube ID can be had at 19mm or 22.5mm all bent on a tight radius mandrel. You want it to point forwards, backwards, sideways? Angle up high, low, level? Ill custom build one for you to your specs with a two day turnaround. I only tig so quality will be superb and flange super flat for no leaks. Items will be unfinished and ready to paint, but I could have it powdercoated if you like. Im thinking $30 ready to go plus a shipping rate of $5 for a flat rate priority box. $10 more for powercoating plus an additional week for time. If you want you can also buy the flanges and bends separately for your own super secret super custom intake or exhaust flange.....

Friday, April 16, 2010

Derbi got some big ol' shoes

Yep, the lady was in need of new tires so i picked up some big ass 2.75 Chen shings with some gnarly tread on it. Looks pretty boss if you ask me. Been tinkering with the vario weights and now have two in it with some ball bearings stuffed inside. Still peppy with the big tires but lost a few mph so im topping at 36.8. Still pretty happy with that since shes basically stock! Should be going camping tomorrow at Tortilla Flats so I think I will be able to take her to romp around on the trails.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

She does look proud.

Worked on tidying up the derbi today with some brake cleaning, oil changing, general cleaning, etc. I also machined off the lip on the variator cheek...hahaha, now I have a two speed because of the worn grooves in the ramp plate. Gotta learn how to tweek her a little, either lighten the weights or a stiffer spring to get a little better launch. I like this bike.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I guess derbis are that cool....

FInally got that damn Derbi TT running. Turns out it need crank seals and base gaskets. I threw on an ol hacked estoril from a tomos and a 15sha. This damn thing actually hit 39.2! Im going to start cleaning her up and fixing the brakes. Tank turned out not to be bad but I did have to rig up a fuel nipple from ace hardware and lawn mower pieces. Guess im going to machine the variator cheek and see what she does.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

AHHH! They are multiplying!

Fuck, must be the weather or something. Just picked up this moby with 6stars. Some poor kid janked it up but it should be easy to fix. Had the nastiest smelling fuel in it :(. Started right up with fresh gas...think ill put a 14:12 sha on it instead of that gutner. Id like to keep her but i think shes one to flip, so if you are in AZ or LA and want it, hit me up! Yay!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Slides...amazing what they do.

So I finally got back to the minarelli project and sealed up the base gasket. I dropped the 45 jet to a 37 since it was bogging after the atomizer change (*gasp*). Fired her up and started tuning the idle circuit. Filter on and running it would net me a blaaaaaack plug, real black. Also, in order to idle the idle screw had to be all the way in. Um, weird. Also, the blip test would only net me a crisp response with the mixture screw all the way in, wtf, its a 37 idle jet for gods sake. I started considering what affects the idle...the jet, the screw and....wait for it....the slide! My bike had the small cut 30 slide in it so I decided to drop in a 40, no other changes. Started her back up and the bitch was idling crazy high. Screwed the idle out almost all the way to get an ok idle but still fast. Now I started turning out the mixture screw and the idle began to drop...turn idle screw in. Ultimately I have the mixture out like four turns with the smoothest idle ever and the most crisp response of any bike I have. Now I think I can go back up to a 45 idle and wrap things up and work on the main jet and needle. Goes to show there is a lot more to tuning than just the jets and the needle. I think the atomizer is a legitimate issue for those with certain issues, but I also think you should take into consideration your slide as well.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

For the real Garelli Bad Dudes, Metra bad dudes, Polini bad dudes, Gila bad dudes.....etc

Picked up a package of solutions today. Ive got some spacers for the folks requesting something different for their garellis. Ive also have some gila flanges for the 19-21mm carbies and a few for the BIG BOYS. Oh, some 19-21mm flanges for the polini 4-petals so you wont have to cut those precious fins. Oh wait, some fine ass flanges for those metrakit owners wanting 19-21mm carbs. Theres more! The mandrel bent goodness will be ready this friday to partner up with these flanges....oooh tight radius need for those big carbs to get starved pointing at the sky! Inquire for options, maybe you just want a flange? Maybe you just some mandrel bent tubing for the custom intake or exhaust, hell you might want a whole intake?!? Powdered? Sure! Yay, life is sooo much better with cheaper higher quality options!