Monday, October 25, 2010

Just been doing stuff.

Well, whats been going on this week? New guy johl came by and worked on his sweet hobbit. Apparently he did not realize the arrow on the piston points down and toasted the original. Its running a DR kit, proma pipe, blue springs but he still has to dial it in. Marks almost done with his magnum and is putting the final touches on it while I type. Its Running a e50 with a metra 65, a reworked simo (by me of course) and a bing. So far a good runner. Me, well I happened upon a good deal for a polini powered maxi that was totally built to 90's spec and a UPS magnum, and yay, Ive owned all the magnums except that is in pieces though. Hey you, know anyone who wants 3 busted za50's? I got them cheap just for you!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Intakes! Thats why I havent been updating.

Sigh... a sigh of relief since Ive been slaving on this order for a friend. Lots of intakes. Look forward for some big ol 24's for your gila or malossi reed polini kit. What, you have a treats read kit and need an intake for a four petal setup? No prob. I even have some 19 intakes for you dudes rollin dirty on your athena sachs (Not for the novice though). Word. More disk, clutch rings etc. Whats new with you?