Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nothing new...

I need cash for parts so Im at a standstill. Cody got his crank in for his metra 80 e50 so hes going to get that together. Sigh, can you loan me a 20?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oooh, headway on the baretta!

Yup, new three shoe clutch from ed "mopagen". Kits on, temporary pipe on courtesy of Cody Cain, upjet for break-in. Now ive got to get a new caliper setup for her since I put hers on the sebring and Ive got to roll a pipe up too. Sigh, to many projects!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oh yeah, posts to more pics:

cut and paste:

Ahhhh, goodies!

Ive been working on a better intake for my morini, the TINY reed block is no good for a 19mm carb so I figured I could adapt a polini reed block to my setup. Of course I will have to make an intake for it but I think it will work. See more pictures here and give me some feedback!

Just picked up some goodies from the waterjetters! Yay, new disk, new intake parts, and a stack of exhaust! Gonna be busy here!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Back to the old gal'

Ive been neglecting my first and favorite bike, the Baretta 38.

First bike to take me over 50, learned so mucha bout her.... Finally replacing the topend with something new. I had got at least a 1000 trouble free miles out of her and then started to fuck up the ports with a file and eventually split the clutch bell. A fresh polini with the bad areas being addressed:

Now I just have to roll up a new pipe, and retune it...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bored, cold and wet....

WTF, this is AZ! It should be 75 degrees and sunny right now so I could tune my bike. Figure Id snap a pic of the finicky sebring while standing around. Should probably be sending out applications though.

Here is a teaser of the clutch im working on for chelseas bike....sigh, yet another project...


The head is sealed! I officially have no head leaks! Weird stuff is happening like supper upjetting and junk....waaaah?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stuffing it...

Since I have a polini piston port reed kit on my case inducted morini I have always known I have had some excess case volume. I decided to quickly make an aluminum filler to see what I could get out of it.

Peek at the filler slug: Not Pretty!!!

Ive also been doing battle with a leaky head since I got her running. Ive milled it, sanded it on glass and put a fresh annealed copper gasket in it....still leaks! Fuck! Gonna try gluing it again.

Was it worth it? Well I seized it shortly after riding it. Not sure if the case volume changed up the mix or if I sprung a leak. After resealing things I took her out again but ran upjeted to a 78 from a 74 and she took it without hesitation. I did pick up top speed from 43.9 to 46.9. 3mph sounds good but the plug isnt dark enough for me. I think im going to glue the head down and upjet even more...I know I should be down jetting while tuning but WTF, weirdness....

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Finally on the blog bandwagon....

Well I figured it was time for me to start a blog. I enjoy reading about all of the crap you do so figure you must want to know what im up to.