Saturday, March 26, 2011

Gilarelli V1

So Ive been tinkering with the gila on a minarelli idea.  I had a spacer made a long time ago and just got a junk gila cylinder from Shannon Hill (thanks) and started fitting it together.  This is what I stated as a question on MA:

So Im working on a project where im putting a puch gila cylinder on a minarelli bottom end. With the spacer I have built im getting a piston that sits about .040 under the deck of the cylinder at TDC. At BDC the lip of the piston sits about .010 under the exhaust port. My real issue is that to even mock this up I had to remove about 6mm of piston skirt to clear the case at BDC. Now I do plan on removing some case material but I know this will not be enough. I do know that there have been other pistons used out there successfully with the gila kit with a shorter skirt but I am wondering the detrimental effects of shortening the skirt of a stock piston. With the test shortened piston at TDC The intake window is open except for the notch, which I assume I could notch the piston? I also plan on removing about .010 from the spacer to bring the piston up towards the exhaust port a wee bit. I will also probably sink the head in to get the proper squish. Thoughts? Ill get some pics up ASAP for reference. Thanks shannon hill for the junk cylinder:)

So here are some pics to illustrate things...look at that stubby piston!  Watcha think?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A little sunday-gay ride....

Its pretty nice out so we decided to cruise around a little.  Took Chelsea out on the stock magnum to get a feel for mopeds again.  She hasn't ridden since her accident, but we will get her brave again.  Drove around lake washington for a bit, stop a stared at the water and headed home.  I like it.

Friday, March 4, 2011