Wednesday, March 31, 2010

For the real Garelli Bad Dudes, Metra bad dudes, Polini bad dudes, Gila bad dudes.....etc

Picked up a package of solutions today. Ive got some spacers for the folks requesting something different for their garellis. Ive also have some gila flanges for the 19-21mm carbies and a few for the BIG BOYS. Oh, some 19-21mm flanges for the polini 4-petals so you wont have to cut those precious fins. Oh wait, some fine ass flanges for those metrakit owners wanting 19-21mm carbs. Theres more! The mandrel bent goodness will be ready this friday to partner up with these flanges....oooh tight radius need for those big carbs to get starved pointing at the sky! Inquire for options, maybe you just want a flange? Maybe you just some mandrel bent tubing for the custom intake or exhaust, hell you might want a whole intake?!? Powdered? Sure! Yay, life is sooo much better with cheaper higher quality options!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Another day, atomizers, dog, stuff...oh and a derbi

Kind of a lazy day, I feel exhausted. I ported a e50 for no reason, with no kit in mind and no puch for it to go in. I think im going to try my hand at porting a stock magnum #2 cylinder to attempt a 50/50 setup. I use a small port metra pattern for the transfers.

My atomizers and bushings came in so I started tinkering. With the 262AU atomizer and bushing there has been some significant changes (I had the 262AN). Ive gone from a 102 to a 92 main and am still stroking at the very top. Its also begging for an idle jet smaller than the 45 in it, probably try a 42 or 35 next. I did go from a w9 to a w3 needle which is richer. They have the same tip diameter and 20mm long taper, but the w3 has a body diameter of 2.45 versus the 2.50 of the w9. I like them more since they have a longer taper than the w7's (20mm versus 18mm). I however discovered a air leak in the base gasket and called it quits for the evening.

Cody worked on his TS185... :( yuck.

Of course some dog wrestling.

Oh, did I mention a $80 derbi?

Friday, March 26, 2010

My junk, their junk, atomizer flaming....

Yes, another day of working on other peoples stuff. Decepticon Nate came by to finish sealing up his maxi while Cody has been chasing air leaks on his metra 80. I will tell you I have lost faith in metra since this kit has had the lousiest finish in the world. Port, transfers and cylinder are sub par. The area arount the intake studs are raised a good .5mm, bleh. WTF were they thinking. On top of that there is all this atomizer BS going on. Yes, dont panic, you may have them tuned just right but there are those who havent been able to get it and it may be due to another tuning point in your carb. Im going to try it since I have at least 75 different main jets, 10 different size idle jets, 4 different slide styles, 5 styles of needles and I still cant get the garelli to like even the smallest idle jet out there (thats a 32 BTW). Sooo, that said, Im going to ask "what about the atomizer". Fuck it.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Chelsea vs. Cody.

What? You thought this was an informative blog?!?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I hate garellis. Morini exploded.

Seriously, but im at fault most of the time. I raised the ex port up 1mm to bring the blowdown up to 25º from 22º. Ugh, killing me cause I cant get to the powerband at all. Nothing like a 30mph kitted bike right? Looked into the atomizer thing and found that the bushing came out with great ease. I also disassembled the morini today to combat the case leak. I really didnt notice a crack in the gasket in the perceived area, but the engine has at least 7000 miles on it, and thats before kitting...definately getting some new bearings. Morinis are nice and simple on the inside like a minarelli. Oh, siezed the fresh polini on my bareeta last night, wtf! Jet reads good and dark at WOT, but seized at 1/4 throttle. So you know I run a w9 needle (richer than a w7) at the richest clip.... Sigh... I place alot of blame on this newly realized atomizer issue. I cant believe that every carb I have bought has been a 4 stroke setup. Parts are on the way though! Little 320 grit ant the minarelli was good as new, gotta love those cast iron cylinders.

The culprit atomizer. The proper style is in the back.

Sploded morini.

Chelsea touching up some of codys ink.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Stupid atomizers!

Both of my PHBG's have the AN style atomizer in them. AN is for four strokes, AU are for two strokes. Its all making sense now. damnit,.. check your carb fool Thanks for the heads up Crazy Wayne!

garelli headache...

Been back to the garelli now that the clutch is good. Had to weld of the damn kickstand mount, cracked on me the other night. Got the taillight working again. Decided to try retuning to see if I have overlooked anything, but alas it still wants a tiny idle jet, tiny like less than a 35 tiny. Made a post on MA and crazy wayne suggest it my be a port timing issue with the kit and suggest raising the exhaust port 1mm to combat this problem. Im scared to though...fucking out of production kit....

Link on his info.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Garelli Update...

I always expect the worse when I build something custom...I guess its some sort of self doubt thing. I decided to open the clutch up today to inspect and tighten the springs some more and alas everything is perfect. Got a new air filter for the bike and have been re-jetting, timing etc. Managed to get the ol girl up to 50.1 which means chelsea, 70lbs lighter than me, should hit about 54... Im getting fat. I hope to have some goodies to share soon.

Monday, March 15, 2010

For those of you with interest...

A file... a file that will change your garelli forever....

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Top secret garelli clutch revealed!

So fed up with the rubber garelli clutches I have taken things into my time consumed hands. BRN has had clutches on treats for a while but for a kick start. I picked one up to measure up and see what I could do. I decided to go with a minarelli bell and starter mechanism. I proceeded to give the ol' switch-aroo to the drive gears. I found that this assembly was @ 5/16" deeper than the stock setup so I turned to a neighborhood friend for his machining skills and shop, from this a spacer was born. Bolt things together and bam! No more rubber clutch! YAAAAAAAAAAAY! Unfortunately the two shoe only has one spring per shoe so it doesnt grab as hard as the three shoes that have two springs per shoe.... Time to clean her up, put the tin back on and swap on the fresh tank. Enjoy

Friday, March 12, 2010


This is just me posting on how I cant go to the LA rally. I hate being poor. Ugh.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nothing really new.

Just been tuning the ol' minarelli a bit while Charlie and Cody scramble to get their bikes together for the rally. Played with the gearing some, gonna do it some more. Down jetted a little, probably will do it some more after I put a few more miles on it. I hope I can get her to 55 but 53.1 is a good start.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Im too into this blog stuff....

Seriously, but i think its due to the freedom. Forums can get congested and are not always the best for sharing all of the meaningful yet boring stuff that one does. Anyway heres a pic of Charlies "murdered" out pinto. I think it will be pretty rad.

I fabbed her up a nice 19mm intake with one of my custom flanges. Nice tig-ing with none of that messy mig stuff those other guy do. Want one? Ask me, it would cost half as much than the others and look nicer.

Pinto madness...

Charlie and Cody are back over to try to get her pinto ready for LA. Will it happen?!? I had charlie working on her intake, cody on cdi, me moding the long seat pan...

Of course chelsea is there to supervise....

Saturday, March 6, 2010

She' back!

Finally got the baretta back in action! Still have to retune her but thats to be expected. Had to take the carb, brakes and pipe off the sebring, but hey, gotta do what you gotta do. Cody was over to work on his ladies pinto so Chelsea got the camera to record the shenanigans:


Friday, March 5, 2010

Since im at a standstill on the Sebring due to what appears to be a case gasket leak :( I decided to pillage parts to get the Baretta back on the road. My friend Charlie came to put her freshly powder coated pinto back together. SHe should have a ripper with her gila and destroyer powered bike!

I need money, buy these from me! $100 fro the new style shipped, $80 for the last old style.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Plug at 115? headache for sure...

Success! (mostly)

Haha! I got the four petal mounted last night! She rips with 19mm on it. Only problem is I have an airleak between the polini block and adapter (with a 110 jet I had a snow white plug, whaaaaaaa?) Gotta get some more gasket paper and rtv (bleh). Should be good in the long run because she pulls like a mofo now in the mid. I think im gonna put a 30 rear sprocket on the rear next.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Just loafing today while cody tunes his fresh 80 metra. Got him working through the jets on the 19 dellorto. Hey what are you running in your metra 80 jet wise? Ah, now I have to go move my art out of a gallery...not bueno.