Thursday, December 22, 2011

Monday, September 5, 2011

Ugh, sorry, im back.

Yeah, been bad about posting again.  So, the baretta with the gilarelli runs!  MLM was nice enough to sell me a raw partially constructed pipe so I could set it up with this monstrosity.  Naz convinced me to machine up a sweet aluminum silencer, which I must say was a good choice since the bike is very short and the pipe is very long.  I also discovered that my headset that I set up years ago was just plain crap and was causing the bike to track terribly.  I replaced the headset with a uber nice 1" origin bike headset.  The only trick part was the steering tube on the tomos forks was too large, but Haulin Collin jumped in and threaded a piece of 1" cro-moly that i pressed nicely into place.  Of all things I have done to this bike, the headset has been the most appreciated.  I haven't jetted her out yet (currently at 200) but my jet set just came in as well as my temp gauge.  Hopefully she will be fast.

What else?  Hmm, blew up the garelli clutch.  It was an easy fix, only requiring a bolt extraction and replacement.  I also went down to the portland rally.  It was a blast for sure and the portland kids sure know their debauchery.  I did kill the sebring.  Jessie thought it would be good to take everyone up a mile long steep grade hill, and well, the sebring no likey.  Though it was jetted right for level ground and actually four stroking due to the 90 degree weather, the combination of steep hill loading up the engine, heat from the slipping clutch and my anger trying to force it up the hill made her soft sieze.  Started her right up and pushed it further with the choke on but then I lost spark.  Holy cow the case was so hot it sizzled, which im hoping just released a solder joint I had made the day before when I replaced the internal coil.  Sigh.  Mopeds mo problems :)  Fuck, and I almost forgot the pepper sauce/rally patch shit....

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A magical day!

Well magic for me at least.  It was a perfect rainy day for going to the shop and busting out some work.   I was able to machine the gila head perfecto today with a little guidance from Naz-masterofall.  We first lathed it only to realize we did nothing but raise the compression!  Forgot that I needed to sink the head 1mm into the combustion chamber, lol, oh well was fun.  Then I spent an hour jigging the head up on the rotary table to mill it about .003 clearance to the cylinder wall.  Following this I milled a groove right close to the new shoulder for a viton o-ring.  Yesssssssssssss.  Yum.  Here is a crappy pic on the mill.

And here is one of my .98mm squish band (I did not fully torque the head though so it should take it to .95 ish).  Way better than the 2mm prior to machining.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What the hell have I been up to.

Along with working my great new job at the museum of flight I have been knocking out stuff for you fine folks out there in moped land.  You probably have seen the disks back on treats and 77's site, thats cool, but I have also been slaving on some beautiful intakes.  A couple of weeks ago it looked like this:
And now they look like this:
Mmmmm, sexy.  I've been fortunate to be able to rent a portion of Naz's shop.  He really is a wizard and an amazing resource of information and skills....definitely going to make me step up my game a bit.  There is a yellow puch that im getting ready to turn out once I have retrieved my butt holster from Travis' back yard. Derp.  Hmm, what else.  There will be a small batch of garelli clutch spacers going out soon for you garelli bad dudes and i have been scheming on how to improve my BRN clutch.

Ive also been chilling with the Mosquito Flee a decent bit.  Its nice riding weather now and they certainly enjoy their long rides.  Good folks I must say, love em all.

Its also nice getting back to working on my projects.  After opening the case up on the Gilarelli project it took only a minimal adjustment to the piston to clear everything.  This gila kit + minarelli bottom end is going to be rad, nuff said.  Port timing looks great, squish looks acceptable, and im going to have Naz o-ring the head.  YAY!!!!  Ill add some detail pics in the future for you interested folks.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Gilarelli V1

So Ive been tinkering with the gila on a minarelli idea.  I had a spacer made a long time ago and just got a junk gila cylinder from Shannon Hill (thanks) and started fitting it together.  This is what I stated as a question on MA:

So Im working on a project where im putting a puch gila cylinder on a minarelli bottom end. With the spacer I have built im getting a piston that sits about .040 under the deck of the cylinder at TDC. At BDC the lip of the piston sits about .010 under the exhaust port. My real issue is that to even mock this up I had to remove about 6mm of piston skirt to clear the case at BDC. Now I do plan on removing some case material but I know this will not be enough. I do know that there have been other pistons used out there successfully with the gila kit with a shorter skirt but I am wondering the detrimental effects of shortening the skirt of a stock piston. With the test shortened piston at TDC The intake window is open except for the notch, which I assume I could notch the piston? I also plan on removing about .010 from the spacer to bring the piston up towards the exhaust port a wee bit. I will also probably sink the head in to get the proper squish. Thoughts? Ill get some pics up ASAP for reference. Thanks shannon hill for the junk cylinder:)

So here are some pics to illustrate things...look at that stubby piston!  Watcha think?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A little sunday-gay ride....

Its pretty nice out so we decided to cruise around a little.  Took Chelsea out on the stock magnum to get a feel for mopeds again.  She hasn't ridden since her accident, but we will get her brave again.  Drove around lake washington for a bit, stop a stared at the water and headed home.  I like it.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Been getting stuff done.

Yep, getting back to the routine. No job yet. The Baretta 38 just got a new 21 carb, filter, tailight, pads, exhaust as well as finally wiring up the lights correctly. I even have a brake light! Once it warms up i will get out and tune her.

On the Baretta Magnum I havent done much but get her running and mount a stolen (from roommate) ev pipe on it. I did have my seat reupholstered for it by a way nice guy named John. He runs a small operation but does great work. His site is Yay!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

IM BACK! Got a new baby too, did I mention Im in Seattle?

Oh SNAP! Im in seattle! Ive met quite a few rad people: Jihee, Travis, the Berrends, others, YAY! Finally situated, almost have a job, and am starting to get back into the rhythm of mopeds. Pinball is fun too! COFFEE! I have a small enclosed garage that gets cluttered real quick and I think I can finally say that I have now owned every moped that I have ever dreamed about...yes, I found the elusive Baretta Magnum, its even the awesome patina as my 38! YIPPEEEEEEE! Some guy named steve may be mad though...sorry. Super clean tank, no spark, stuck motor, perfect. I promise to get back to blogging here soon!