Monday, September 5, 2011

Ugh, sorry, im back.

Yeah, been bad about posting again.  So, the baretta with the gilarelli runs!  MLM was nice enough to sell me a raw partially constructed pipe so I could set it up with this monstrosity.  Naz convinced me to machine up a sweet aluminum silencer, which I must say was a good choice since the bike is very short and the pipe is very long.  I also discovered that my headset that I set up years ago was just plain crap and was causing the bike to track terribly.  I replaced the headset with a uber nice 1" origin bike headset.  The only trick part was the steering tube on the tomos forks was too large, but Haulin Collin jumped in and threaded a piece of 1" cro-moly that i pressed nicely into place.  Of all things I have done to this bike, the headset has been the most appreciated.  I haven't jetted her out yet (currently at 200) but my jet set just came in as well as my temp gauge.  Hopefully she will be fast.

What else?  Hmm, blew up the garelli clutch.  It was an easy fix, only requiring a bolt extraction and replacement.  I also went down to the portland rally.  It was a blast for sure and the portland kids sure know their debauchery.  I did kill the sebring.  Jessie thought it would be good to take everyone up a mile long steep grade hill, and well, the sebring no likey.  Though it was jetted right for level ground and actually four stroking due to the 90 degree weather, the combination of steep hill loading up the engine, heat from the slipping clutch and my anger trying to force it up the hill made her soft sieze.  Started her right up and pushed it further with the choke on but then I lost spark.  Holy cow the case was so hot it sizzled, which im hoping just released a solder joint I had made the day before when I replaced the internal coil.  Sigh.  Mopeds mo problems :)  Fuck, and I almost forgot the pepper sauce/rally patch shit....

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