Saturday, February 26, 2011

Been getting stuff done.

Yep, getting back to the routine. No job yet. The Baretta 38 just got a new 21 carb, filter, tailight, pads, exhaust as well as finally wiring up the lights correctly. I even have a brake light! Once it warms up i will get out and tune her.

On the Baretta Magnum I havent done much but get her running and mount a stolen (from roommate) ev pipe on it. I did have my seat reupholstered for it by a way nice guy named John. He runs a small operation but does great work. His site is Yay!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

IM BACK! Got a new baby too, did I mention Im in Seattle?

Oh SNAP! Im in seattle! Ive met quite a few rad people: Jihee, Travis, the Berrends, others, YAY! Finally situated, almost have a job, and am starting to get back into the rhythm of mopeds. Pinball is fun too! COFFEE! I have a small enclosed garage that gets cluttered real quick and I think I can finally say that I have now owned every moped that I have ever dreamed about...yes, I found the elusive Baretta Magnum, its even the awesome patina as my 38! YIPPEEEEEEE! Some guy named steve may be mad though...sorry. Super clean tank, no spark, stuck motor, perfect. I promise to get back to blogging here soon!