Sunday, August 12, 2012

Woot, 61

  So I think im kinda in panic mode before the baby comes.  Oh yeah, im having a baby girl, her name will be Kaelyn, she will have dirty fingernails when she comes of age.  But yeah, I wanted to make sure my remaining two bikes were up and running to their best.
  I did redo the sebring a couple months ago with a fresh ring, new points (which jessie of the cutters melted:), and a reduction to a 15:15 carb since I had considered selling her.  She did dreamy at the Seattle rally with awesome gas milage and superb reliability.  I did put a dent in the tank by hi-siding because I was not paying attention...Life goes on.
  The ol' Beretta has been sitting idle since I have not been able to get a proper head scenario.  In conjunction with the Wizard himself, (NAZ), he was able to cut me a head to use with one of my copper gaskets and achieve a nice 1mm squish and airtight seal.  Another thing that brought great success for me was the switch to the 4DH7 needle that gives a smoother throttle response through the positions and a much different top end.  Apparently the 5N13 needle is for bigger carbs (28-34) but was probably a brand/application specific needle since you cannot find it in the mikuni catalogue.  If you didn't know the minarelli Beretta 38 is rocking a V1 with a puch Gila kit, TM24, CDI, BK-100 pipe....Nom.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

So, yeah, Im still here.

Yikes, craziness.  Ive moved out of matts, sold my garelli, have a baby due in a week or so, rally this weekend...  AHHHHHHHHHHHHH.  Tinkered on the Baretta and she is fast.  I put the 4-something something needle in it which made here a whole new beast.  Unfortunately there is a leak in the base gasket...go figure.  Life.