Saturday, June 18, 2011

A magical day!

Well magic for me at least.  It was a perfect rainy day for going to the shop and busting out some work.   I was able to machine the gila head perfecto today with a little guidance from Naz-masterofall.  We first lathed it only to realize we did nothing but raise the compression!  Forgot that I needed to sink the head 1mm into the combustion chamber, lol, oh well was fun.  Then I spent an hour jigging the head up on the rotary table to mill it about .003 clearance to the cylinder wall.  Following this I milled a groove right close to the new shoulder for a viton o-ring.  Yesssssssssssss.  Yum.  Here is a crappy pic on the mill.

And here is one of my .98mm squish band (I did not fully torque the head though so it should take it to .95 ish).  Way better than the 2mm prior to machining.

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