Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What the hell have I been up to.

Along with working my great new job at the museum of flight I have been knocking out stuff for you fine folks out there in moped land.  You probably have seen the disks back on treats and 77's site, thats cool, but I have also been slaving on some beautiful intakes.  A couple of weeks ago it looked like this:
And now they look like this:
Mmmmm, sexy.  I've been fortunate to be able to rent a portion of Naz's shop.  He really is a wizard and an amazing resource of information and skills....definitely going to make me step up my game a bit.  There is a yellow puch that im getting ready to turn out once I have retrieved my butt holster from Travis' back yard. Derp.  Hmm, what else.  There will be a small batch of garelli clutch spacers going out soon for you garelli bad dudes and i have been scheming on how to improve my BRN clutch.

Ive also been chilling with the Mosquito Flee a decent bit.  Its nice riding weather now and they certainly enjoy their long rides.  Good folks I must say, love em all.

Its also nice getting back to working on my projects.  After opening the case up on the Gilarelli project it took only a minimal adjustment to the piston to clear everything.  This gila kit + minarelli bottom end is going to be rad, nuff said.  Port timing looks great, squish looks acceptable, and im going to have Naz o-ring the head.  YAY!!!!  Ill add some detail pics in the future for you interested folks.

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